A word from the President

Jan-Olof Vegholm

Jan-Olof Vegholm, CEO of PILOT NORDIC AB:

Have you thought about when you stop wanting to be better? There is then an impending risk that you stop to improve your business! All of us in Pilot Nordic have the benefit to work within a major international company that has an on-going process to be better.

This commitment shows in many different ways. We take a great pride to manufactory our products according to ISO 14001 and EMAS, which is one of the toughest environment certifications you can get in manufacturing industry.

Almost 10 years ago we launched Pilot Begreen range that today comprises with more than 25 products made of recycled material. Our B2P (Bottle 2 Pen) pens, a gel ink pen and a ballpoint pen made of recycled PET- bottles, is still one of our most successful products in this segments.

And it does not end there. Pilot Frixion range of pens with the erasable ink, is extremely popular. We have during the last two years launch two new products within this category; Erasable highlighters (Frixion Light) and our new erasable fiber pen Frixion Colors, which has been launched in 2016.

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