Printing Options

Depending on the type of pen you prefer, we have numerous customisation techniques to offer you:
Pilot Imprinting Pad printing

Pad printing in one to five colours

This is an indirect printing system which allows for printing on all types of mediums, whether it’s on the clip or the body of the pen.
This procedure consists of depositing, by means of a smooth-transfer silicon stamp, ink which is drawn from the hollow of a plate and stamped onto the object being modified. The number of colours used varies from one to five, which allows for the printing of images, logos and photos in a four-colour process.

Pilot Imprinting Four-colour printing

Four-colour printing

This technique is used for printing the labels which have come to mark the B2P Gel and the B2P Ballpoint. We add a laminate which allows for the optimisation of the logo colours and message, and to protect the label so it doesn’t come unstuck.

Pilot Imprinting Laser printing

Laser customisation

It involves a beam of light concentrated into a very small diameter. The energy omitted is such that the material touched by laser is burnt and lifted. This is the reason for which most of the laser markings are on the metal parts of the pen. This technique allows for markings on the pens and clips of our “Business Gifts” range which are resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely precise.

In the below video, we have filmed laser markings on a Capless foutain pen, a  G-2 Limited pen and a  Coupe pen. You may notice that the laser markings are done extremely quickly and precisely. The final result delivers a message of eternal quality.

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